Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wicked and Goodbye to New York

Yesterday was our last full day in New York. This afternoon we head to Philadelphia - it's a 2 hour bus ride and it's costing us $8 each to get there. Bargain!

Like starbucks and cops, another thing New York has a lot of are street vending carts with people selling hot dogs. Yesterday I had my first hot dog in NY - delicious (I actually bought two, they were that good). After all this pizza and the hot dogs we've had, Kerry and I decided to go for a run around Central Park. We spent the next couple of hours running and walking and I felt a lot better for it. Kerry managed to use the gym at the YMCA for another couple of hours ... I on the otherhand was exhausted.

That evening we went to see the Broadway show Wicked. It tells the story of both the wicked witch (Elphaba) and the good witch (Glinda), characters in The Wizard of Oz. They portrayed Elphaba as misunderstood and actually a kind witch, with Glinda being kind too but very self-absorbed. It was fantastic and the props were spectacular! I'm going to miss Broadway and New York a lot :(


  1. New York sounds awesome!!! Way more exciting than anything happening here... My year 12's had their exam and i lost money on the Melbourne cup (even with my "expert" form analysis!!!) Yeah, heaps boring compared to your adventure. No celeb sightings here either! What I want to know is have you been to any sporting events!!! or are they way too expensive? Keep the blogs coming, they're really good to read!

  2. Yep New York was awesome!!! So much happening. Haven't had a chance to get to a sporting event yet...I really wanted to see a baseball game, but baseball season is over. We did go to the pub at Giants Stadium in San Fran - that was pretty cool being only metres from the actual game (you could hear the crowd on the tv as well as in the stadium). I wanted to go in but tickets were too expensive (and sold out). That was about 4 weeks ago - Giants ended up winning the World Series on Monday (I didn't need to tell you that, I'm sure you already knew). Kerry likes Ice Hockey so we'll probably see that. I wouldn't mind seeing a basketball or football game.