Monday, November 1, 2010

The Wendy Williams Show

I was on TV today!

Kerry and I have been watching a fair bit of TV since arriving in the USA, and one show we've enjoyed is "The Wendy Williams Show." The live show, hosted by Wendy, airs weekdays from 10:00am-11:00am and is filmed in NYC. Tickets are FREE so we went online last Wednesday and were able to get a couple for the show on Monday (today). We had to be at the set by 8:00am (they had donuts and coffee ready for us) and we were seated around 9:30am. Being a member of the studio audience was so much fun - before the show started they had the music turned up loud and the crew had us laughing and dancing around the set. They also told us how to react when Wendy came on, when to stand, when to applaud etc. etc. We had to get this right since it was live TV!!! The crowd went wild as soon as Wendy came on and her first segment, celebrity gossip, had us in stitches (Wendy tells it like it is). The second segment, celebrity guest, was not actually filmed live. It was an interview with Denise Richards that she had done a fews days before - this aired today with Wendy wearing the same outfit she had worn the day she interviewed Denise to make it look like it was live. The last segments involved the audience - a vaseline competition between 4 people and a dance off between another 4 people. I wasn't in either of them. After the live part of the show ended we stayed back for another hour to watch an interview with Wendy and Kelly Ripa (second celeb sighting). This one, like the Denise Richards one, will air at a later date but actually look like it is live (i.e. with Wendy wearing the same outfit).

The show repeated on TV that afternoon, so Kerry and I got to watch it back at the hostel. We were included in a few audience shots and then one with just the two of us - we both screamed and laughed as soon as that came on. It's true what they say about TV adding 10 pounds - I think I counted about 8 chins on me (even Kerry looked big). Oh well, I'm still glad I had my 3 seconds of fame :)

Middle section, fourth row, centre ... that's me in the red!

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