Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Orleans

Up early Tuesday morning for the first flight out of Miami (6:20am). Four hours and two plane trips later we had arrived in New Orleans.

The drive from the airport to the hostel was a real eye opener. Roads were bumpy and full of potholes, footpaths were cracked and uneven, houses were falling apart and looked like a third world country. We're staying in a place called India House, which is an old two story house converted into a hostel. It's in a residential area (just off the busy Canal street) and has a quiet and relaxed vibe to it. I had an afternoon snooze then met some of the people staying here. The weather is warm in NOLA and that evening we spent some time in the hostel backyard and ate Gumbo for dinner. Gumbo is a traditional New Orleans cajun stew - there are variations but the one we had was dark in colour and with sausage. Okra was used as the thickener. Everyone agreed it was good Gumbo!

I didn't leave the hostel that night. By 10pm I was tired and in bed. A few of us are going to see a blues singer tonight (can't remember his name). I love live music so I'm really looking forward to it!

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