Friday, November 12, 2010


Spent the past 3 days staying in Charleston, and there's three things that really sum up this city...churches, old houses and sweetgrass baskets. The weather has been really nice here - in the low 20s and sunny. Very happy I don't have to wear gloves and a coat!

Staying in the historical district meant it was easy to get around and visit points of interest. I loved wandering the cobblestone streets and seeing the old buildings and mansions (there are soooooo many old mansions here). Went to the Old Slave Mart Museum on Tuesday - this was the exact location where slaves were auctioned off during the 1800's. It reminded me of a man's will that I saw at a museum in DC. He had left his house, money and "slave" to his wife (slaves were considered property of course). I thought the OSMM covered Charleston's slave trade history well, but I also thought the admission fee was a little pricey. Later that afternoon we went to the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon to hear stories of early settlement, pirates, and civil war. Everyone that worked there was dressed in old costume, and stepping into the place felt like stepping back 300 years. Beneath the building was a dungeon that held many a pirate. Most were later hanged and their heads placed on wooden stakes and displayed by the harbour (as a warning to other pirates). Ewww.

The following day we did a cruise around the harbour on the Carolina Belle. The highlight of the cruise was seeing a pod of dolphins around the Fort Sumter area. Unfortunately my camera's battery died before I could get a good photo. After the cruise we visited the markets between Meeting and East Bay streets - this place was full of sweetgrass baskets - it seemed like every other person was selling them. I didn't buy anything (not a big fan of markets). For dinner we went to a place called Sticky Fingers for some delicious southern cooking. The meat was dripping with barbeque sauce, and they give you a towel in lieu of a napkin because it gets that messy!!!

Last day in Charleston was a quiet one. Spent the afternoon walking/jogging the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge (I needed it after last night's dinner). The bridge was a long one, and by the time we got to the other side it was time to turn back. Had an early night last night and was up at 3:00am ready to catch a 5:00am train to Orlando. I'm supposed to be on it right now but it turns out a trespasser boarded somewhere in North Carolina and authorities had to be called, therefore delaying the train. They say it should be here at 7:30am. I'm so tired....

"Rainbow Row" - the buildings are typical Charleston, but the colours are something different.

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