Tuesday, November 16, 2010


EPCOT was the second (and last) Disney World park we visited. This one is more adult friendly - there's a huge section of the park (known as the World Showcase) that sells food and product from Canada, the UK, France, Morocco, Japan, the US, Italy, Germany, China, Norway and Mexico. Countries are easily identifiable by their buildings i.e. you know you're in France when you see the Eiffel Tower, or in England when you see the red telephone box. The people who work in these shops are all from these countries, and they put on various performances during the day (which are fantastic!). Amongst the buildings were many small carts left over from the recent international food and wine festival. There was an Australian cart and I noticed on the menu they'd had lamb, barramundi and lamingtons, as well as wine from Rosemount and Penfolds. I would kill for a lamington right now.

We are leaving Orlando this morning and heading further south to Miami. We'll be there for the next three days. The weather will be even warmer (high 20s) but they did forecast rain :(

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