Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Key West

Thank god I had a day away from Miami! I hate to whinge but the same old routine (beach then club, beach then club) was getting boring. It also seemed like the good people were leaving the hostel and the annoying people were arriving. I could kill the four Chinese girls we shared a room with.....but that's another story.

Key West is about a 3 hour drive south of Miami. Kerry and I were the only ones from our hostel that did this tour. On our way there we passed the Everglades (swamp land) and some major islands in the Florida Keys (Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon and Big Pine). We arrived in Key West around 11am - the island is beautiful and so was the weather. Three cruise ships had arrived that day so the place was packed with tourists. After lunch and some shopping, Kerry and I signed up for a snorkeling tour called "Reefs & Ritas" (I didn't get the "Ritas" part until later). The 50 minute catamaran ride was rocky, but thankfully I didn't feel sick! The water was warm but choppy, and I struggled a little trying to snorkel whilst being lifted up and then down by the waves (some people considered it too rough and refused to go in). I'm happy I went in because seeing the coral and hundreds of colorful fish was amazing. On the boat ride back they served us Margaritas (so that's what the "Ritas" part meant!!!) and after 3 three cups I was ready to fall asleep.

Prior to leaving Key West I bought a slice of key lime pie (so many people had said this is a must when visiting the island). WOW! It was so delicious and not as tangy as I had expected. After that it was back on the bus for a 3 hour drive back to Miami. Looking back I would have liked to have spent less time in Miami and more time in the Florida Keys. Nevermind, maybe I'll get back there again someday.

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