Wednesday, October 6, 2010

USA Hostel open mike night

Went to the hostel's open mike night last night. Had about three different bands on and they were very talented. They played some originals and covers (Bob Dylan, Radiohead etc.). The drinks at the hostel bar were unbelivably cheap ($4) and there was a lot of alcohol that went into them - I'd say about three shots per cup. I had two cups of whiskey and coke (which was so hard to get down) and that was enough for me. The bar closed around 1:30am so Kerry, myself and our Kentucky friend Jared walked to a club on Cahuenga Blvd (I think it was called Halo). By the time we got there it was about 20 mins 'til closing time and security seemed reluctant to let us in. As soon as we got in all eyes were on us because we were the ONLY WHITE PEOPLE IN THE CLUB!!! And this club was packed!!! I was too drunk to care, but Kerry said it was rather awkward. We stayed 'til closing time (which wasn't that long) and in that short amount of time 2 fights broke out. A girl who got caught up in one of them left with her dress practically over her head. It was nasty!!!!!!!

Got to bed around 3am this morning and got to chat with Kirsty for a bit via Skype (yay). Ended up wasting the day by sleeping in 'til 1:30pm, but it didn't matter so much because the weather is still crap. Catching the Greyhound bus tomorrow (Thursday) and heading up to San Francisco - we're booked in to the USA Hostel up there because we loved it so much here. Better start packing.....we leave early!!!

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