Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fisherman's Wharf & Union Square

Ok, it's Sunday morning in San Francisco and the past few days have been BUSY BUSY BUSY! Here's the lowdown:

Spent the whole day at Fisherman's Wharf on Friday. Weather was perfect - sunny and fresh. The legs certainly got a work out walking up and down a hilly San Francisco! It's Fleet Week in SF so the wharf was busy. Kerry and I decided to splurge and have some seafood at a nice restaurant - glad we did that - it was yummy. Later we went for a walk through Golden Gate Park and found a nice area to sit down and watch an air show over the bay. Was very noisy but absolutely spectacular at the same time. Caught a cable car from the wharf back to the hostel - at $5 one way it was a rip off! That night we watched the Giants game from a pub at AT & T Park (the Giants home ground) and it was packed. Great atmosphere!!! After the game we went to a club called Vertigo with some people from our hostel. Fun night - no cover charge and drinks were cheap.

We spent Saturday shopping with some girls from our hostel (Gen from Sydney and Su from Korea). Mainly stuck to the Union Square area - I bought a new bag since my other one broke and also some underwear from Victoria's Secret. That night Kerry, Gen, myself and a couple of other people went to a club called Elbo Room in the Mission District (party central). Really cool place and we met some friendly Norwegian backpackers too. We stayed 'til closing hours, and the cab ride home was a memorable one. Our cab driver was this huge black guy who was cranking rap music (think it was Cypress Hill) on the stereo. He let 5 of us squeeze in and "bounce" the cab when we were at the lights - hahaha. I love SF!!!!


  1. Yay! Loved your update...made my day:) xoxo

  2. hahhaa i love this!! big black dude sounds awesome.. do they still drive like all hell and make u feel like your gonna die??? MISS U

  3. Hahaha I couldn't remember but I just asked Kerry and she said he was driving with his belly because he had food in one hand and he was rapping with the other (bouncing it up and down - like we do). Come to think of it I remember one dude in the cab jumping out and saying OMG did you see that, no hands!!!