Thursday, October 21, 2010

Goodbye Las Vegas...

Last day in Las Vegas was fantastic. We saw some free cirucs acts under the big top at our hotel, and later went to the "sideshow" (also in the hotel) to play some carnivool games. I played a darts game where first prize was a MASSIVE stuffed animal if you hit the bullseye. I really didn't think I stood a chance (especially after a Jack and coke) but ... I WON!!! What a fluke. Kerry and I took this huge toy back to the room, then took plenty of photos to prove I had won it. We later gave it to a little girl because there was no way we could carry that thing around. Her parents were very grateful, and they even gave us their contact details and said if we passed through Waterloo, Ontario on our travels (where they live) we would be welcome to stay with them!

Later that night we packed our bags (ready for our trip to New York the next day) and then headed out for dinner. I ordered Asian and along with my meal came a fortune cookie. I could not believe what I read, it said "travelling to the east will bring you great rewards." WOW WOW WOW. What a coincidence we are heading the east coast, right?!? OMG I was speechless.

So here we are, on our way to New York!! Just arrived in Charlotte, North Carolina on a 3 hour layover. I know nothing about Charlotte except that they have a basketball team called the Hornets. Oh, and that it's in the South (not the deep south but they still say "y'all"). Apparantly this airport has a bar with free wine tasting ... I'm heading over there right now!!!!!!!

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