Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Miserable weather today. Slept in again and did a little bit of shopping (just browsing, no buying). Tried on some Halloween costumes so that was fun. Later that night we had dinner at the Rainbow Bar & Grill on Sunset Blvd, and this has been a hang out for many musicians over the years (Motorhead, Led Zeppelin, Guns n Roses to name a few). It was a pretty cool place; the food was yummy but the waitress was a bitch!

Signed up for the stretch hummer limousine ride around Hollywood. It was the best $25 i've spent!!! Just had the most amazing night in Hollywood - the best so far. The limo was stocked with free bubbly and vodka (all you can drink) and the music was cranking. About 20 of us drove around Hollywood with our host Kareem. We visited a bar called the Saddle Ranch (on Sunset Blvd) where they had some really cool music and a mechanical bull too. After a few drinks I so badly wanted to get on, but I was wearing a dress so that was a no no! A few of our fellow limo riders had a go and they did really well too. Back in the limo they continued cranking the music, and everyone got right into it when they played Jay Z & Alicia Key's song "New York." Too bad we weren't in New York, right!?! I can't remember the name of the other club we visited (somewhere on Hollywood Blvd) but we were told if you had "boobs" you could get in free (meaning all guys had to pay they $5 cover charge). This club played a lot of old school rock like Guns n Roses and Ratt. As soon as AC/DC came on (Highway to Hell) I was out on the dance floor singing my heart out. They also played some Midnight Oil and Nine Inch Nails, so that was cool too. At the back of the club they had a punk/emo band playing. It was really good to see some live music and this band was definitely something I could get in to.

Back at the hostel and in bed now. We're down to just 5 in the room (the past three nights there's been 8) so it's pretty quiet. Looking forward to a day at the beach tomorrow...fingers crossed we have some nice weather!!!

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  1. hey dude, that limo ride looked awesome, i wish i was there for the acca dacca music!!! it looks like u guys are having an awesome time :D