Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lombard Street, Coit Tower & Italian Heritage Parade

San Francisco was abuzz today!! Fleet Week celebrations are continuing (apparantly this is the biggest F.W. in 20 years) and the 142nd Annual Italian Heritage Parade was on too. The streets were lined with floats, marching bands and losts of open air dining. Such a fun place to be!!! Kerry and I managed to get caught up in it all at Washington Square - they were handing out food and I scored a nice big slice of chocolate cake! So fresh, so delicious.

We also visited the "crookedest street in the world" today - Lombard Street. Very steep, very curvy and the speed limit is 5km/hr. Think I'd avoid driving down that one! Later on we walked to Coit Tower which is situated on Telegraph Hill. It cost $5 to go to the top, and even though there were some great views of San Francisco I really don't think the cost is worth it (in fact there are some high points in SF you can get to for free).

Tomorrow will be our last day here. It's a public holiday (Colombus Day) so hopefully the city will be just as lively as it was today. Going to play some pool in the hostel, and then I think I'll have an early one tonight so I don't sleep in tomorrow.

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