Saturday, October 16, 2010

Downtown & Alice in Chains concert

Went to a few pubs in the Ocean Beach area on Thursday night - all fairly low key. Went to Downtown San Diego the following day and spent some time eating and shopping. I also booked tickets for the Alice in Chains concert that night. They were playing at a venue on a university campus (I pictured it to be smallish but it was actually the size of Adelaide's Entertainment Centre). Mastodon and Deftones were supporting - I think more people showed up to see Deftones instead of AIC. AIC were awesome, apart from Jerry Cantrell's guitar f**king up during "Rain When I Die." Sound was VERY loud too. Once we got back to the hostel I went straight to bed. Not long after I started feeling sick, so I went to use the loo but found Kerry sitting there feeling pretty bad too. We think it may have been the donuts we ate at the concert. Such a great night turned so bad - we shared the bathroom for the next hour or so. Thank god it didn't last that long!!!

It's Saturday night now and we're good to go! Gonna hit the bars either Downtown or at Pacific Beach (or both). Then we head to Las Vegas tomorrow morning....yay....

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