Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dillons & Runyon Canyon

Had a big night last night. Went to an Irish pub called Dillons which is on the corner of Hollywood and Vine. It was Saturday night so the place was packed. Spent of few hours drinking and chatting to local Los Angelians before leaving just prior to closing hours (all pubs/clubs close at 2am in LA, which is a bit disappointing). On our way back from Dillons we decided to grab a slice of pizza at a place called Grecos. The slices are huge - I had a cheese pizza and it was DELICIOUS!!! One of the best i've ever had.

That same night a couple of Aussie girls we were sharing a room with were celebrating their last night in Hollywood in a BIG way! By the time we got back to the hostel one of them fell asleep sitting upright on her suitcase, whilst the other was running up and down the hall looking for her bag (which she'd actually left on her bed). Both took turns sharing a toilet bowl for the rest of the night.

Slept in this morning 'til about 11am, then went hiking at Runyon Canyon in the afternoon. Quite a leisurely walk and many people were there with their dogs. Unfortunately, due to fog (or maybe it was smog?), we had a bad view of the city once we reached the top. We were told we would also be able to see the Hollywood sign - not the case. Maybe I'll head up there again on a clearer day....

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  1. wow thats sounds awesome- its crazy that that pizza slice is bigger than kerry's head bhahaha