Saturday, October 2, 2010

Universal Studios

Didn't get much sleep last night - Hollywood is a very noisy place! Non-stop music, shouting, sirens and helicopters. Doesn't help that our hostel is situated next to a public carpark just off Hollywood Blvd either. At around midnight someone decided to play music from their car at high volume - then repeated the same song 4 times (I counted)! Oh well, the ear putty will come in handy tonight.

Spent the day at Universal Studios. Weather was a warm 29c - ended up getting sunburnt. Went on the new Simpsons ride, which was a 3D rollercoaster (meaning you're not actually on a track but the screen in front of you makes it feel like you are). Very fun but only went on once as the line was long. Took the studio tour in the afternoon - 1hr line up but it was worth it. The new King Kong 3D ride that was on that tour was pretty cool. Spent some time in Universal City and got a funny photoshopped photo of Kerry and I.

Back at the hostel now and the weather is much cooler. Going to head out soon and check out the pubs/clubs on Hollywood Blvd and Sunset Blvd.

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