Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Rockies (the beginning)

On Thursday 31st May we set on our next adventure with Moose Tours ... the Rockies. The trip had quite an eventful start. A small group of us were picked up from our hostel at Jericho Beach, followed by a much larger group near the Samesun hostel in downtown Vancouver. The bags were being loaded into the back of the bus, and once the last one was put in we were off. Unfortunately our tour guide (Anglea) had forgotton to secure the back door properly, and we managed to travel a number of blocks before someone came running to the bus and told us it was open. The bus pulled over and almost everyone jumped out to see if their bag was still there. We counted all but 2. We headed back to our point of departure to search for the missing bags. As the bus had been parked outside a hotel we were able to go in and request to see their cctv footage. We could see the bags had fallen out as soon as the bus took off ... not long after a car pulled over to move the bags from the road, then a couple of homeless men took them. We searched the bins around the area to see if they had taken what they wanted and then dumped them, but there were no bags in sight. After 2 hours and still no bags we decided it was time to get back on the road. One of the girls with a missing bag stayed behind whilst the other came with us (she did have another bag on her so all was not lost). Our first stop on the tour ... Kelowna.
Kelowna (in the Okanagon) is a small city with a big wine industry. The climate is semi-arid, much like Kamloops. Jemma and I were hoping to sample some local wines when we arrived but unfortunately we didn't get the opportunity. We arrived 2 hours behind schedule (around 5PM) and everyone had dinner at the hostel. After that, most of the group went to the local bowling alley for a couple of games of 10 pin bowling. By the time we finished it was around 10PM and I was tired after a long day so I went to bed. Plus we were leaving Kelowna early the next day.

So that was my time in Kelowna ... a hostel and a bowling alley!!

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  1. I am SO EXCITED that you're blogging again Kate! Loving hearing all the adventures!